George Michael (1963-2016)


Written by Randeep Singh

This year saw the passing of music icons like David Bowie and Prince. But I was more affected yesterday when I heard about the passing of George Michael. David Bowie had hit his peak before my time and Prince wasn’t played as much in our house.

By the time I’d turned five, George Michael (as part of Wham!) was a pop sensation. Songs like “Last Christmas” or Band Aid’s “Feed the World” (to which he contributed) are some of the earliest I remember. My sister’s bedroom wall was plastered with Wham! posters and later, with a giant “Faith” poster when he went solo.

Musically, George Michael was the true King of Pop. His string of Wham! hits like “Wake Me Up…,” “Freedom,” and “I’m Your Man” remain irresistible. His ballads “Careless Whisper” and “One More Try” are as moving as his hits “Faith” and “Freedom 90” are funky and memorable.  

His music will be the true bearer of his legacy. George Michael may have struggled with depression and coming to terms with his sexuality, but his perky, passionate and poignant songs will keep sending out light beyond the darkness. 




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