India’s Terror

India Terror Raid

Written by Randeep Singh

In “India’s Silent Terror,” Jill McGivering looks at the rise of Hindu nationalism in India and the terror it is wreaking across the country.

In this India, children are recruited into the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (India’s Hitler Youth) to keep their country safe from its enemies. The cow-protection[1] movement scours the land in search of transgressors. Muslims live in fear, Christians are attacked, student activists are charged with sedition and history books published by those in higher education are banned.

There has been an increase in killings and violence against Muslims, Christians and members of other minority groups in India since the election of Narendra Modi in 2014. McGivering underlines the zeal of right-wing Hindu political activists in remaking India and the unease felt by minorities.

When she addresses these concerns with Dr. Hitesh Bajpayee (Madhya Pradesh) and India’s Minister of Education, Prakash Javdekar, McGivering is told that the remarks of those concerned are politically motivated. Javedkar even suggests that such remarks are used by the West to bash Modi and malign India.

I agree that the remarks of Shahid Muhammad Khan,[2] the student activist Kanhaiya Kumar and the NGO worker Ram Chand are politically motivated. They are political in that these people are claiming their basic rights to life, liberty and security and to freedom of thought and expression. They are political in that these people are demanding a respect for their basic dignity.

The remarks of the BJP Ministers are no less political. Javedkar describes the JNU protest led by Kanhaiya Kumar as a threat to the nation. Students must be taught the “right perspective” says Javedkar, a perspective which is also politically defined and one that the Hindu Right prefers not be subjected to scrutiny or debate.

The Hindu Nationalism project is tearing away at India. It is leaving a bloody, despotic and terrorizing trail as in the pogroms in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli,[3] the crackdown at JNU and in the growth of self-censorship. This is a different India, says one professor, across which a new juggernaut is rolling, flattening the country culturally and squashing those who get in the way.

BBC Radio 4: “India’s Silent Terror,”

[1]  A symbol of the modern Hindu right.

[2] Khan has sold newspapers for a living for over forty years. He was more recently by a Hindu leader with defamation for selling a certain newspaper containing an article critical of that leader.

[3] Districts in Uttar Pradesh.


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