S*d the Royals!


British Royalty has descended on beautiful British Columbia. Prince William and Kate and the Royal Children are visiting college campuses, tasting Okanagan wines, consorting with commoners and dedicating honorary plaques to the Queen.

Grand Chief Stewart Philip, the leader of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, boycotted the ceremony with the Royals in Victoria. This was in protest over the slow pace of reconciliation talks with the Government of Canada.

Only in Canada does the Royal Family get this sort of adulation. The Republican movement carries unabated in Australia. Having grown up in England, I can only remember that the Queen was universally despised except in TV appearances. Ask most Brits and they’ll tell you: the Royal Family belong to history.

And in Canada, we need a little more self-respect. We need to continue remaking ourselves as a nation. Our currency should show First Nations chiefs. We need to purge Canada not of its history, but of its exalted colonialism, the relics that do nothing but remind us who’s really exalted.


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