Naqsh IPB – Saptak (Music Review)


Title: Saptak
Artist: Naqsh IPB (Daksh Kubba, Lead Singer; Imran Habib, Guitarist; Irfan Lawrance, Bassist)

Rating: 80%

Saptak is the swinging, spirited debut from Indo-Pakistani alternative rock band Naqsh IPB. Celebrating peace, love and harmony, the album sports the sound of underground desi rock with the vocal stylings of Caravan and Atif Aslam.

The opening track “Iltejah,” is a call for love and peace with its refrain, “dil se dil ko mila.” It’s followed by the cheeky “Kaka,” the yearning “Saajna” and the rousing “Megha.” From hard rock, Saptak moves to minimalist acoustic guitar in “Musu” and “Pagli” with Kubba’s tenor soaring gorgeously now and again.

Musically derivative notwithstanding, Saptak is a promising debut, hitting the right notes melodically, lyrically and as a coherent artistic statement.


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