Poems of Shahryar


A Dream


The melody of desire dissolves
The night grows bashful
The lips of hope quiver
The feet of sorrow tremble

Naghmagee aarzoo kee bikhari hai
Raat sharmaa rahi hai apne se
Hont umeed ke pharkate hai
PaaoN hasrat ke laRkaraate hain


Sleep curls up close to one
To tears from one’s eyelids
Dreams come once again
To bring broken hearts together

Do palkoN se aansuoN ke qareeb
Neend daaman sameTe baiThe hain
Khwaab t’abeer ke shikashta dil
Aaj phir joR ne ko aae hai


Ek Aur Maut

Another Death

The day’s past, evening falls, night comes
The earth moves again from her axis
The moon turns over on her side
The house fills once again to
The noise of footfalls sobbing
Tonight, someone dies again
Drinking the poison of dreams

Kat gaya din, dhalee shaam, shab aa gayee
Phir zameen apne mahvar se haTne lage
Chandnee karvaTeiN phir badalne lagee
AahaToN ke sasakte hue shor se
Phir makaaN bhar gayaa
Zahar sapnoN ka pee kar
Koi aaj kee raat phir mar gaya!

Seene Mein Jalan (The Burning Breast)

From the film “Gaman”

Crowded Indian Train


Why’s there
a burn in the breast,
a storm in the eyes?
Why’s everyone in this town so troubled?

Sine meiN jalan aankhoN meiN tuufaaN saa kyoN hai
Is shahar meiN har shakhs pareshaaN saa kyoN hai


Find a pretence for your heart to beat
Why’s it stunned and lifeless, a stone?

Dil hai to dhadakane kaa bahaanaa koi dhuundhe
Patthar ki tarah behis-o-bejaan saa kyoN hai


Is this where solitude takes us friends!
Where a wilderness is all we can see?

Tanhaai ki ye kaun si manzil hai rafiqoN
Taa-hadd-e-nazar ek bayabaan saa kyoN hai


What’s this change I see coming over me?
Why’s the mirror surprised to see me?

Kya koi nai baat nazar aati hai ham meiN
Aainaa hameiN dekh ke hairaan saa kyoN hai?

Translated from the Urdu/Hindi by Randeep Purewall. Thanks to my friends for their help.


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